You're Entering the No Bullshit Zone

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That "Coming Soon" message was up way too long. After launching The Small Business Collective in mid-October 2017, I have been humbled by the response and knew I was clearly on to something. I've been hard at work connecting with local makers and entrepreneurs throughout Greater Hartford, as well as business owners from all over the country.

And what have I learned from all these conversations? Small businesses need support!

I know... duh. But stay with me. I'm not talking about the kind that most provide nowadays. From software tools, courses, or overpriced services, there is a lot of bullshit for a small business owner to wade through even to begin to understand where they should start or what can help move their business forward. 

That's where I come in. My pledge to you is to leverage my 15+ years of brand and agency marketing experience to cut through the bull and provide you with simple, trustworthy advice and affordable services. As an entrepreneur, you wear so many hats. Sometimes ALL of the hats. I'm here to wear that marketing hat for you, where and when you need it.

But the vision for The Small Business Collective is much more than just marketing and business development support. Over the next few months, we'll be announcing some amazing partners, vetted and curated to provide you with other essential business services. Our goal is to create a one-stop-shop - a place where you can come for support and get a holistic solution. 

The vision for this blog is to distill all that information out there that you would need to clone yourself to gather, read, master, and then apply to your business, into simple and educational articles, reviews of tools and software programs, and of course LOTS of small business love. 

I look forward to growing this hub of information for your benefit, so feel free to comment, share, and ask questions so we can continue to improve together!


Interested in learning more about my no bullshit approach and how it can benefit your business? Click on the button below to set up a free, 15-minute consultation!



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